Hypnotherapy for Break Ups and Divorce

Break ups and divorce are devastating. Many people are left feeling empty, alone and completely confused. But YOU CAN move on and YOU CAN get over this phase in your life and hypnotherapy is just the thing to help you.

The old song that says “breaking up is hard to do” doesn’t even begin to describe how people feel after a break up or divorce. Break ups and divorce recovery is very much about grieving a loss and learning to live a new life without someone who whether or not they were a great partner; were a vital part of your day to day life.

Break ups and divorce cause heart ache, pain, confusion, loss and force you to learn a new way to live. In the very beginning you may find yourself crying a lot, feeling like you want to remain recluse in your home, avoiding friends or family and be full of blame and shame towards yourself and your mate. This combines with anger and frustration and can make you feel like waking up each day is a struggle and worthless. It’s easy for people to say “Get over it” but the truth is it can completely put your life on hold.

How do you feel about being alone? Are you satisfied with the reasons the divorce or break-up occurred? Are you harbouring deep resentment, anger, frustration and sadness that totally disable you? Are you losing enjoyment in life? If any of these are true for you than you deserve to break through this wall of despair.

Let me help you.

Often the emotions that we feel are unexplainable. Other times they are just painful and so many people experiencing divorce and break up blame themselves and feel embarrassed by the situation.

I can help you to make peace with yourself and your situation. I will lead you through proven sessions that will have you seeing your new life as an adventure full of new opportunity. This is exactly what you need after suffering heartache.

Most importantly, I understand your pain and can help you to grieve and mourn your loss through your subconscious so that you can let it go and move forward. Our brains are detailed machines that trap and hold onto all sorts of negative things; many without us even being aware. Hypnotherapy will help you to find those things so that you can live a life of freedom.

Life is waiting for you. What are you waiting for! Let my patient, understanding and proven hypnotherapy techniques allow you to live again.

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