Bust those Smoking Myths

More and more people are booking in with me to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis recently. Quite a few mention the photos on the side of the packets and the effect of the recent TV adverts. They are shocked and emotionally moved by them, but can’t understand why they haven’t been able to stop for good.

They will have tried several methods – patches, gum and willpower. I often get people telling me they’ve stayed off cigarettes for 2 days or 2 weeks before lighting up again. They consciously know “why” they want to stop but struggle. It’s usually because they’ve not prepared fully mentally.

There are several stages that you need to go through before you smoke your last cigarette and over the next couple of weeks I’ll be helping you out with some of them.

One of the big steps is to bust some smoking myths or beliefs that we may have that make becoming a non-smoker seem so much harder than it needs to be.

The first of these is “I’m addicted to Nicotine!”

Here’s my opinion. Are you addicted to Nicotine? No, well kind of, but not how you think! Are you “physically” addicted to Nicotine? No. If Nicotine was a physically addictive substance, such as heroin, smokers wouldn’t fly to America or Australia or sleep all night for that matter. Also, Nicotine replacement patches contain about 80 times the amount of Nicotine as in a cigarette. I’ve never had a call from someone asking for help to give up their addiction to patches!

Are you “psychologically” addicted to Nicotine? Yes. A psychological addiction is otherwise known as a “habit”. It’s a habit that people compound all day every day. Every time someone has a cigarette, they strengthen that habit. Everyone who has smoked links smoking to something else. They’ll say “I’ll get up, make coffee and have a cigarette. Then I’ll get in the car to go to work and have one. Then first break in work” and so on. These other things act as triggers to make them think of a cigarette.

Think about your triggers now. What could you do instead of smoking? Once you break those triggers you’re well on your way to success. Next week’s myth to bust “Smoking relaxes me”.

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