Previous clients have been kind enough to let me know their thoughts on our work together.


A selection of these are below. All my client contact is, of course, strictly confidential and each client has agreed for me to share their comments with you anonymously. Therefore all names have been changed.


Mark is friendly, approachable and a good listener.

I was a little sceptical at first to be honest, but would have to say I do feel a lot calmer, less anxious and am certainly sleeping better.

"Dave" was suffering from extreme workplace stress. He also reported that he could only get a good night's sleep on a Friday as it was the only evening that he could "switch off" from work related thoughts. After 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy and after teaching "Dave" some restful sleep techniques he reported a massive reduction in stress and greatly improved sleep patterns.

Mark is very approachable, friendly and professional.
I can now realise my goals in life and combat the stress and anxiety that was hindering me. I feel happier and more settled.

I would wholly recommend Mark. I wish I'd known about clinical hypnotherapy sooner, I think it would have saved a lot of stress. It feels like my mind has been cleared of all the anxiety and negative thoughts

"Emma"wanted to work on building confidence and reducing anxiety. After four sessions of Hypnotherapy "Emma" sent the following comments.

Mark is very friendly and trustworthy. At my first session I was very nervous but was reassured when I met Mark and was able to express on my feelings.

The impact has been life changing, since the session has finished I am looking at life a lot differently and feel a lot better within myself and also have the confidence I will be able to get on a plane.

"Andy" had suffered from a fear of flying and general anxiety attacks for approximately four years. "Andy" came for three sessions of Hypnotherapy, treating both the fear of flying and anxiety.

Mark is very approachable and professional. He has some very wise words and what he says makes an awful lot of sense. He gives food for thought, cares very deeply and has all the time in the world to help and guide people.
I am now on week 10 of not smoking and I haven't really even thought about it (I had to just look at the date and count the weeks so that's good???). I feel great and haven't delved into the fridge to compensate either!

"Kathryn" had been smoking for 15 years. She was smoking between 10 and 15 cigarettes a day. Ten weeks after our two hour session she sent the following comments.

I contacted Mark after a recommendation from a friend and can honestly say it has been a life changing experience since my first and only clinical hypnotherapy session with him.

I had been a heavy drinker for approximately 7 or 8 years since my 20's. Now at only 33, i have been forced to make some dramatic lifestyle changes after being diagnosed as having an enlarged heart caused by high blood pressure which alcohol has played a massive part in.

I have been on medication for nearly a year for my blood pressure but further changes were needed as the results weren't as the doctors had hoped and alcohol was now the main barrier.
I met with Mark and after a friendly, relaxed consultation we decided to go ahead with a hypnotherapy session. This has since become the most important life changing decision i have ever made.
I have not had any alcohol for about a month now since our session and results have been dramatic. I have lost weight and regained focus on my work and personal life but more importantly, my blood pressure has reduced to a point where i am having a review to decide if the dosage can be reduced with my medication.

There is no doubt had I not met Mark I would still in be in the "high risk" group, in danger of suffering a more serious heart condition or disease within the next 10 years (as stated by my doctor). However, I am working towards a successful departure from this group for good!

Thanks for all your help and guidance Mark.

"James", although consciously understanding the health risks of his alcohol intake, had not been able to have an alcohol free night for 7-8 years. After one session he wrote the following;

After nearly 14yrs of unsuccessful therapy, ‘hypnosis’ and even in-patient care for depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem I visited Mark in May 08 for a free consultation - with an open mind and low expectations. The first thing I quickly realised is that I have never been hypnotised before. I am absolutely shocked beyond belief that I have been through years and years of pointless, painful and soul destroying therapy leading up to my appointments with Mark.
Mark is very professional, approachable and extremely down to earth. He patiently listened to me asking me key questions, going on to construct a treatment plan uniquely for me - this is a different approach to any other I have experienced.

After just one session I saw dramatic changes in my previously negative behaviours, actions and thoughts. My life really has changed beyond recognition in a very short space of time.

The main thing I would like to stress is that I have experienced no discomfort, upset or loss of dignity as I have frequently with other therapies - just continued positivity.
I would highly recommend Mark, his powerful techniques are priceless.

"Jessica" had been through various different therapies over the last 14 years, mainly centred around depression, anxiety and low self esteem. This had included extensive time at "The Priory". The following comments were received after we had worked together for three sessions.

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