Dealing with Redundancy

In the current economic climate more and more people are being affected by the threat of redundancy or have been made redundant.

For some people it can seem the end of the world, I’ve seen friends and colleagues lose their pride, sense of identity and spiral into depression.

For others it has been one of the most liberating and positive experiences of their lives.

It’s literally the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

How is it that two sets of people can experience such different reactions to the same thing?

What is it that sets them apart?

Those who thrive do the following;

Understand what’s coming

Psychologically people can respond to redundancy the same way as bereavement.

There are definite stages that people go through, all at different speeds;

shock/denial, anger, grief, acceptance and adaptation.

Knowing that these are coming makes them so much easier to work through as you know that the end is in sight.

Don’t take it personally

It’s the job that’s redundant, not you.

It’s nothing to do with who you are as a person, your skill levels or how good you are at your job.

Accept that your role is no longer there and move on to the next stage.


Dealing with Redundancy - Mark Darlington


Use it as a springboard to greater things

Most people have stayed in jobs for years because they’re safe, but often are there through comfort or habit.

How many times have you complained at how unfulfilled you are in your job?

Use this as a positive chance to pursue that career change you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Redundancy offers you the chance to re-evaluate your life, what is it that you’ve always dreamed of doing but seemed too much of a risk before?

Be Prepared

Finally, you must get yourself practically and mentally ready for the next opportunity.

Get your CV up to date.

Look at all the retraining or other options open to you and practice those interview skills.

Sit down with a really good friend who knows you well and talk through all your positive skills, experience and personality traits.

Get motivated and go find your dream job!

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