How to Reduce Stress

How to Reduce Stress

It often feels like there is nothing you can do about stress; it’s simply part of life.

However, learning to take control of your thoughts, schedule, and environment provides you with a sense of a balanced life with the resilience to hold up under pressure.

Identifying the Source

This first task should be easy, but stress inducers are not always obvious.

Overlooking your own thoughts and behaviours causes you to place the blame elsewhere.

Instead of examining external aspects of your life, look within; examine your habits, attitudes, and anger.

After you have accepted responsibility for your life, your stress level is in your control, not dependant on outside interferences.

Avoid Unnecessary Stressors

You can’t quit your job, skip the bills, or cut your phone line, but a vast number of stressors can be eliminated that will make the unavoidable stressors seem less overwhelming.

Simply avoid situations and people that invoke negative feelings.

Limiting the time you spend with a person that drains you or turning off the television when the news makes you anxious may seem like avoidance, but there is no reason you have to take time out of your day to chat with your draining colleague or reflect daily on the tragedies of the world.

Alter Your Situation

In regards to the stressors you can’t avoid, how can you alter the situation so a problem does not arise in the future?

It is important to take an active role in your own life.


Say No, Without Feeling Guilty - Mark Darlington


Learn to say “no.”

You have to know your limits in your personal and professional life.

Feeling obligated to entertain friends or accept more work than you can accomplish triggers stressful thoughts.

Focus on what you have to achieve, not what you wish you could.

Remember to Have Fun

All work and no play will burn you out before you even realise you are on such a dangerous slope.

If you schedule time for fun and relaxation you will be more mentally ready to handle life’s stressors.

You need to allow yourself the chance to recharge to tackle whatever life throws at you.

What can you plan today that will relax, recharge and rejuvenate you?

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