It’s not what you eat; it’s the way that you eat it

It’s not what you eat; it’s the way that you eat it

Over the last couple of weeks we have started to unravel the complicated psychology of getting slim and slice it up into easy to understand, bite size tips.

Of course, not every tip will suit every one of you.

All I ask is, that if this is something you’re striving towards, try the tips out and see which ones fit for you.

The more you can turn into a habit, the more success you will have.

Today I’d like to focus your attention on “how” you eat.

Firstly, I want you to erase from your mind that any food is “bad”.

As we’ve discussed before, when we deny ourselves something it becomes the most desirable thing in the world.

It can also lead to us obsessing about food and feel like the only thing on our mind.

The secrets of naturally slim people

If you can adopt the habits of a naturally slim person, you will be slimmer quicker than you can imagine.

Let me give you an insight into their minds.

Imagine yourself now as a naturally slim person; this is how your relationship with food would be.

When you are hungry, eat!

Regardless of whether it’s mealtime or not, if a naturally slim person feels hungry they eat.

This avoid that “starving” feeling which can cause us to eat lots of whatever is nearest and make poor choices.


It’s not what you eat; it’s the way that you eat it - Mark Darlington


Eat what you want, not what you think you “should” have.

Naturally slim people are happy to eat chocolate or cake because they do it slowly, consciously and enjoy every mouthful.

They also enjoy their other food more by doing this.

The slower you eat the more chance you actually have of really tasting the food.

Naturally slim people eat in a more balanced way as they never obsess about food.

Eating slowly and consciously also helps with the next part as you can pay more attention to how your stomach feels at any time.

When you start to feel full, stop eating even if there’s food left on your plate.

Naturally slim people understand when they have had enough, they are tuned into their stomachs.

Our brains are around 15-20 minutes behind our stomachs, so when you start to feel full you probably already are.


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