3 Simple Techniques to Get Motivated

3 Simple Techniques to Get Motivated

Successful people are almost always motivated; this is why they are able to accomplish more in their lives than others. If you want to be successful and produce great results you need to learn the highly effective habit of being able to motivate yourself whenever you need to. It could be as easy as implementing simple techniques to get motivated

Truth is, staying motivated all the time is not something difficult to achieve. As long as you follow some simple techniques, you will be able to do it. The key is, are you willing to do what it takes to stay motivated?

What is your Motivation?

Most people stumble because they either don’t know why, or don’t have a strong enough reason, to be motivated in the first place. If your reason for achieving something is strong, you will do whatever it takes and you will have the drive. On the other hand, if your reason is weak, you will find excuses to put things off and procrastinate. Once you discover your true motivation, use language to match it. Get rid of “I should”, “I’d like to”, “I might try” and replace them with “I will” and “I must”. It’s amazing what happens!

Focus on the Benefit of those Simple Techniques to get Motivated

You must (we’ve started with the “must” already!) focus and think about the rewards of your accomplishment, not the process. People can get overwhelmed if they think it’s going to be a big effort. Imagine having achieved your goal, how would you look and feel? What would be different? Now imagine looking back at how much the effort was worth it. It is the reward that will motivate you.

3 Simple Techniques to get Motivated - Mark Darlington

Make a Public Commitment

Whenever you tell everyone about your goals and dreams, you are putting yourself on the line. You know very well that when you do this, you will be more committed to achieve it because your reputation and integrity is at stake. This is why most people do not dare to make a public commitment; they know that when they do it, they have no turning back but to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

So what will you do this week? What must you do to achieve that? What is the benefit of following it through? How will you feel when you’ve achieved it? Who are you going to tell?

Have fun experimenting and enjoy the benefits.

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