Are you OK?

How are you feeling? Are you OK?

If you’ve been paying attention to the media, watching what’s going on in the political world, keeping an eye on global as well as local events it’s possible that you aren’t OK.

I seem to have been talking a lot to people about the power of positive thought this week.

I was interviewed for an article for a national magazine about the difference between positive and negative thinkers.

I also chatted to a great friend after it was announced that she and all her colleagues were facing redundancy.

She told me how the atmosphere in the office had become almost unbearable, yet her positivity for the future shone through as we talked.

How is it that we all hear the same news and experience the same events but react in such different ways?

It’s all down to how we “process” and react to the things that we experience.

We can often be labelled as positive or negative people, but it’s not a fixed attitude and can change instantly.

When we have a thought or belief about something, as humans, we have an unconscious urge to be proven right.

We are guided to “evidence” that seems to be consistent with our thoughts or beliefs, whilst at the same time ignoring or “deleting” anything that contradicts our belief.

For instance, people who have a fear of flying will take the recent Air France disaster and declare “You see, I told you flying is dangerous!”

Focussing in on that one incident and deleting the fact that millions of other flights take off and land daily and that flying is statistically the safest form of travel.

They don’t do it on purpose, it’s an unconscious act.

Albeit one that can cause distress or even restrict what people are able to do.

What “negative” thoughts have you had lately?

What beliefs might be holding you back?


Are you OK? - Mark Darlington


What might you be able to do just by examining your thoughts and beliefs and considering alternative ones?

When we start to consider “positive” thoughts our minds are drawn to seek evidence to support them.

What difference would it make to your life if you could live for a day like a positive thinking person?

Try it for just one day.

If you enjoy it, feel free to repeat daily for as long as you like!

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