Have a Wonderful Life

Have a Wonderful Life

When people ask me what business I’m in sometimes it can take me a while to answer as I really have to think about it.

Although I spend most of my time coaching, teaching, using hypnosis or writing, I don’t really think of myself as a coach, teacher, hypnotherapist or writer.

I prefer the way American Supercoach Michael Neill describes it as being in the “having a wonderful life” business.

The one thing all the people I work with have in common is that they want to change something that’s happening now, to help them have a more wonderful life in the future.

Whether that is to stop smoking so their wonderful life is healthier or to stop feeling anxious so that their wonderful life can be much calmer, I don’t remember meeting anyone who didn’t want their life to be more wonderful.

Michael asks a very powerful question; “If a wonderful life is the sum total of lots of wonderful days, what can we do to ensure we have as many wonderful days as possible?”

Here are some thoughts, very simple yet very effective.

Make today a wonderful day

Sometimes the only reason people don’t have more wonderful days is that they don’t decide to have them.

Just assuming that wonderful days either happen or don’t happen, a bit like whether it’s sunny or not.

Thing is, we can have control by making the decision.

So what could you do to make today a wonderful day?

Have a Wonderful Life - Mark Darlington

Have something to look forward to

Once you’ve made the decision and created a wonderful day today, keep going.

Try to plan something, however small, that’s going to make the rest of the week wonderful.

These can be really simple things like planning your favourite meal for dinner tonight, tomorrow phoning someone that always makes you feel great, the day after having some “you time” and so on.

Reflect and enjoy it again

When you start having wonderful days, don’t waste them.

It would be terrible if you started having wonderful days without even noticing!

Take a little time out in the evening to reflect on all the wonderful things that you’ve done and how great it made you feel.

The more you look the more fantastic things you’ll start to notice and the more there will be to find.

Enjoy experimenting with this and have a wonderful life.

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