Have an “Average” Day

Have an “Average” Day

My mind works in unusual ways sometimes.

As I write this I’m looking forward to a trip to Legoland tomorrow.

In fact I’m not sure who is more excited, me or my 7 year old son Declan.


Have an “Average” Day - Mark Darlington


We were chatting about what we thought it might be like and how it would compare to our special Disney holiday from a couple of years ago.

It made me smile to remember how many times in those 2 weeks we were instructed to “Have a great day” or even on occasion “Have an awesome day”.

This got me thinking about how people come to me who are striving for success in certain areas of their lives and who had been struggling, sometimes for years.

Every day they had been driving themselves to have great or awesome days, only to repeatedly crash and burn.

They tell me that they can have a couple of great days and then either get a knock back or simply run out of steam.

They had then become discouraged and not bothered to “try” again as there seemed to be no point.

Some people, of course, have the ability to have great days every day – just not that many.

Others are exhausted or stressed by the pressure.

If this sounds familiar and you feel it relates to you I have a thought for you.

It may be that you’re trying to have an exercise routine or learn a new language; it may be that you’re self employed and are trying to build your business or just trying to be a good parent.

Here’s how the “average day” theory works.

Choose an area in your life that you’ve been trying to achieve in.

Now, what would be an average day?

I mean not wonderful but not terrible either.

For example exercise walking for 20 minutes, language learning 10 new words, self employed talking to 5 people about your business, parent spending 30 minutes of real quality time with your child(ren).

Think to the future, if you did nothing but have average days, every day, for the next year how would things be?

You would have walked for over 360 miles, learned 3600 new words, spoken to 1825 people about your business and spent 180 hours of quality time with your child(ren).

How would that change your life? Enjoy the experiment and hey…..

You have an average day now!


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