How to Stay “Family Friendly” at Christmas

So just a few days until Christmas, that time of year that’s all about family.

Well, all about trying not to fall out with your family that is.

Between the budgeting, setting up parties, driving back and to from the shopping centre to the toy shops to the supermarket to home and back around again, it’s no wonder Christmas is the most stressful time of year.

Sometimes, at the end of all this it can be tough to feel like being sociable with the very people we’ve been setting all of this up for.

When the big get together begins, here are three things you can do to keep it family friendly so as not to let the stress get you down and make things awkward with the folks.

No Religion, No Politics

Do you have a family member you just can’t seem to agree on anything with?

No matter how much you love them, some people can just seem to want to give you their opinion on everything or tell you what to do, whether you requested it or not.

Just follow this one rule for any conversation that takes place between the two of you; avoid the subjects you disagree on.

Whether it is religion, politics or just your favourite sports teams, just don’t get roped in.

Set Up a Kids Room

You love your nieces and nephews, but when the family gets together and the kids start getting bored, they can be a handful.

The most well behaved children can turn into mini-hurricanes at a family get together, especially with all the sugar and additive loaded party food.

Here’s a simple solution: if you’re hosting, set up a bedroom in the house to be the children’s room at the party.

Provide them with some games and toys and you can prevent the chaos children sometimes bring to the family gathering.

Take Some Time to Yourself

If you don’t have the time, make the time.

If you’re a regular reader of this column you’ll be noticing a theme by now!

When you’re really feeling stressed, it can lead to anger, frustration and can really put a strain on your physical and mental health.

Whenever you can, take part of a day to yourself and buy yourself a gift (even if it’s just a latte and a used book from a charity shop), and relax.

How to Stay "Family Friendly" at Christmas - Mark Darlington

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