The Best Present You Can Give This Year

So tomorrow it will finally be Christmas Day.

Hopefully the weather hasn’t disrupted your plans and preparations too much and you can settle down and enjoy the day with those who are nearest and dearest to you.

Now, chances are we’ve not met yet but I’m going to do a little mind reading.

Over the last couple of weeks you will have been running around trying to make this Christmas as perfect as you can for others.

Also, this year will have been harder than most for you and caused you to experience increased stress leading to tiredness and maybe disrupted sleep.

You don’t have time for “me time” as you’re too busy looking after everyone else and if you didn’t do it, who would?

Finally, there will be someone in your family (it may even be you) who doesn’t know what gift they want for Christmas as they “don’t need anything really”.

So how many of those rung true for you?

How are my mind reading skills?

And what do you give the person who doesn’t need anything?

If my description above seems to have been specifically written personally for you (and it has!) then I know the greatest gift that can give your loved ones this Christmas.

Looking after Number One and putting you first for a change!

Now my mind reading skills have just gone into overdrive and I know that you will have recoiled in horror at the mere suggestion and the words “selfish and guilt” will have been in there somewhere.

Truth is, if you don’t look after yourself very soon you’ll be in no fit state to look after anyone else.

In order to truly give to others, you must first have as much as you need.

Here’s this week’s task;

For the next seven days I want you to dedicate just 5 minutes a day to you. Make a big list of the simple things that give you pleasure and do one every day.

Next, think of one way you can be kind to your body every day and do it. Keep it simple such as; drink more water, eat a piece of fresh fruit, go to bed early, get fresh air or eat regular meals.

Small changes make a huge difference and your loved ones will notice how much more relaxed, happy and energised you are. Have a wonderful Christmas!

The Best Present You Can Give This Year - Mark Darlington

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