How to Stop Blushing

How to Stop Blushing

It’s not surprising that in today’s image conscious society that blushing causes many people to feel uncomfortable.

If you suffer from blushing you’ll understand how restrictive and painful it can be and you’ll want to know how to stop blushing.

Blushing can cause extreme sufferers to withdraw from social and business situations where they feel “at risk”.

It’s important to remember that blushing is very common, most of us do it to a certain degree.

Blushing is involuntary, it’s linked to fight or flight.

If we are uneasy in a situation we will release adrenalin, our blood vessels dilate and let more blood in and we blush.

We feel conscious of our blushing and get embarrassed by it, which causes us to blush more – a kind of “Mexican Wave” of blushing when we just want to stop blushing.

The good news is that although starting to blush is involuntary we can control what happens after that initial few second surge and stop blushing quickly and easily.

So how do we stop blushing and become more comfortable in all situations?

Stop Blushing, Relax it out of you

The more tense you get as you start to blush, the more the blood is forced to the face.

One trick is, when you feel it coming on, to deliberately drop your shoulders, relax your body, and push your stomach out.

This takes a bit of doing at first, so you might want to practice even when you’re not blushing.

Just accept it, for now. No need to fight it

Change your relationship to blushing.

At the moment you are trying to hide it because you are embarrassed about it.

When you work on relaxing about it, it will get better.

This will be helped by you accepting it as a current part of yourself.

You can try saying to yourself “At the moment, I blush“.

It might sound strange, but if you can bring yourself to accept that part of you for now, it is more likely that you can stop blushing quickly.

Stop mind reading and stop blushing

Part of the embarrassment about blushing is caused by you mind reading that other people are thinking less of you just because you blush.

Truth is, most people won’t even notice.

They’re far to bust to pay attention to what colour your face is.

Besides, even if they did notice, any decent person will be sympathetic about it.

Anyone who thinks less of you for it is most probably not worth knowing anyway.

Take some time to relax, retrain your body, stop blushing and feel more comfortable quickly.


How to Stop Blushing - Mark Darlington

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