Making Stopping Smoking Easier Part Two

Making Stopping Smoking Easier Part Two

Last week we started to talk about the number one New Year’s Resolution, to Stop Smoking and the steps to take in order to give yourself the best chance of being successful.

We looked at the “Stopping List”.

This is a list of 20 reasons why you want to be a healthy non-smoker forever.

All the reasons needed to be what you do want, rather than what you don’t want.

So what do we do once we’ve compiled our Stopping List to help this time be the one when we stop forever?

If you’ve stopped smoking before only to start again days, weeks or months later these tips may well just help you conquer this once and for all.

Choose Your Method

Which method feels right to you?

If you’re a very strong minded individual with great willpower, simply deciding to stop may be enough for you.

If it is, give yourself a massive pat on the back!

You’re amongst only of 7% of people who have been able to quit through willpower alone.

You may want to try Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patches, gum, inhalator etc).

They can be a great help and advertisements say that they are twice as effective as willpower alone.

Alternatively, if you’ve tried many times before it may be time to call in the professionals and visit your NHS Stop Smoking Centre or a Hypnotherapist.

Set the Date

Once you’ve got your list and chosen your method it’s time to make a commitment and set the date.

Only you will know when the time is right for you, so make sure it is you that chooses the date.

Write it in your diary and tell everyone you know.

Ask for their support and discuss it with your smoker friends beforehand so that they can either be behind you or quit at the same time too.

The Night Before the Big Day

The night before your “I am now a healthy non smoker day”, smoke your last ever cigarette (sound good?) and then clear any smoking related “stuff” out of your life.

Clear your home, car and work of all cigarettes (obviously), lighters, matches and ashtrays.

This helps if you get tempted because if there’s nothing in the house by the time you’ve got ready to go to the shop or garage in the cold and rain you’ll have remembered all the 20 great reasons why you stopped in the first place.

Your mind will soon wander onto something else.Making Stopping Smoking Easier Part Two - Mark Darlington

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