3 Steps to Exam Calmness

3 Steps to Exam Calmness

Stress is a part of every student’s life, especially around exam time.

For some struggling students, the stress of preparing for exams is overwhelming.

Unfortunately, this can translate into poor exam results.

But stress does not have to take over the student’s life.

These three tips should help every student conquer exam stress.

With the weight of stress lifted, students are finally able to perform the best they can.

Plan and visualise

Take time out to plan a routine that will help keep you calm.

This can be something as simple as imagining turning up early, so you’re not rushing.

Maybe, taking some time-out outside the exam building to take some deep, calming breaths.

Something really powerful to start now though, is to practice visualising yourself entering the exam room calmly, turning over your paper and being delighted that all the questions coincide with what you’ve revised.

Continue to visualise effortlessly answering all the questions with time to spare.

Distance yourself from other stressed out people

Every student has at least a few friends who work themselves into a frenzy while attempting to study.

It is certainly beneficial for students to study with other students who take their work seriously.

But students should avoid studying with tense schoolmates around exam time.

To put it simply, stress is contagious.

To conquer stress, students need to separate themselves with those who are overly anxious and worried, at least while studying for exams.

It makes it so much easier to relax when separated from those who are tense or overly stressed.


3 Steps to Exam Calmness - Mark Darlington


Believe in Yourself

Students who begin to prepare for exams well in advance are likely to hit a point when they realise they have studied all they can.

If you have already devoted a substantial block of your time to studying, you should certainly expect to cover all the material before it is exam time.

When a lot of students hit this point, they usually start studying all over again from the beginning.

Instead, they should focus on convincing themselves they will succeed.

They need to drill into their minds how well prepared they are, and how simple it will be to do well on the exam.

Essentially, they need to boost their confidence.

The confident student will always do better than the insecure student, regardless how much either studied.

Get practicing and good luck!

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