Dealing With Uncertainty

Dealing With Uncertainty

I’m writing this after the General Election but before any decisions have been made about the set up of our future Government.

The newspapers have been full of how devastating the uncertainty of a hung parliament might be and that the uncertainty of the country’s future will be terrible for all of us.

There are two things that we, as human beings, don’t like; uncertainty and change.

This is ironic, as the two things we can be completely certain of are times of uncertainty and times of change.

This is just simply a survival technique on our minds’ part.

It feels as though it needs to know what’s going on in order to prepare for it.

If things have changed it upsets our routines and patterns (even if it’s a change for the good).

When things are uncertain it can cause emotions of anger, fear and insecurity.

So how do we deal with these emotions so that we can feel better and get on with our lives?

Let Go

Understand that some things in life we have no control over.

Most of us cast our vote in the Election and there’s nothing we can do to change or control that now.

What will be will be.

Once we understand this we can start to rationally plan for the future.

This is where the next tip comes into play.

Be Flexible

The more flexible you are the more chance of something good coming out of uncertainty.

If you’re too “set in your ways” then anything other than “your way” will cause anxiety.

Experiment with taking action to find the best outcome from any new situation, even if it means moving slightly out of your comfort zone.


Dealing With Uncertainty - Mark Darlington


Be Present

It’s important to focus on what’s going on for you right now.

If we spend too long worrying about the past or the future, we miss the really important things.

If you’re relaxed your mind soon moves onto something else anyway.

I was interested to read everyone’s Facebook updates last Friday about how terrible things will be under a hung parliament, then just 24 hours later discussing the acts on Britain’s Got Talent as if nothing had happened.

Our ability to naturally adapt is a fantastic quality.

Think of all the wonderful things that have happened to you unexpectedly, all changes out of uncertainty!

Enjoy your week.

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