How to Embrace Change

How to Embrace Change

One of the things that people often tell me that they struggle with is change.

Now, there can be no denying that with the shift in the global economic climate big changes are happening.

Whether that be a loss of job, reduced income or relationship breakdown.

However, it’s not just those changes that we consider “bad” that people can struggle with.

It might be that they have a great new job, a fantastic new partner or (as amazing as it sounds) a financial windfall and they still feel uncomfortable with their change in circumstances.

That’s because we are generally creatures of habit.

We all know someone in an unhealthy relationship or stressful job who would rather stay and be unhappy than make that change.

When change is forced on us we can often feel like a helpless victim to that change and then behave like the victim.

However, it is essential that we learn to embrace the change for what it is so that we can grow and achieve our potential.

So how do we start to deal better with change regardless of the situation we find ourselves in?


How to Embrace Change - Mark Darlington


Be Prepared

The famous Scout motto.

Someone once said that there were only two certainties in life; death and taxes.

I think they missed out change!

The only real constant in any of our lives is that they constantly change.

By accepting change as a natural part of life, you can find it easier to embrace when it arrives.

Language Matters

I looked at the Scout website to check that “be prepared” was still the motto and came across a quote by Bear Grylls, the new Chief Scout.

He says “Every child has the right to an adventure”.

If you swap “change in my life” to “one of my life adventures” the feeling shifts incredibly.

If we’re having an adventure (think Indiana Jones) then there will be thrills, spills, ups and downs but doesn’t it feel far more exciting this way?!

We are also “taking part” rather than being the helpless victim of change.

Let Change Happen

Once you’ve prepared yourself and taken on the roll of adventurer, just let go of your resistance and be excited about the future.

After all you’ve been through so much, you’re already a master of change – you just may not have realised until now.


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