Make yourself indispensible

Let’s face some facts.

We’re in tough times, for most of us the toughest in our living memory.

You only have to pick up the newspaper to read about redundancies and cut backs.

However, that doesn’t mean it has to be doom and gloom for you!

The counter view to the above is that if you still have your job, you’re probably better off.

Retail prices are being cut, mortgage rates are down and people are becoming savvier with their money.

It seems to be true though that keeping hold of your job and getting promoted is becoming more and more difficult.

I know lots of people skim read, that’s ok.

However, really pay attention to today’s tip.

In fact cut it out and keep it at your workplace.

Photocopy it and give it to all your friends and if you manage or employ people; photocopy it and give it to all your staff. It’s that important!

One of the most important questions people hardly ever ask themselves is “What am I actually paid to do?”

Of course, we know our job title and generally what we do each day – but unless you know specifically what results you’ve been hired to accomplish it’s very difficult for you to perform at your best and subsequently get noticed and promoted.

When I work as a success coach with people who want to move to the next stage of their careers, the ones who are stuck are the ones who have never asked that question.

The people who are crystal clear of what is expected of them, their key results areas, are the ones who are indispensible and subsequently promoted.

There are generally around five key results areas for each job.

What are yours? Write down the ones you must do to excel in your job.

Score yourself out of ten in your ability to do each one.

Be honest with yourself.

Then ask yourself the next question “What one skill, if I developed it to excel in it, would have the greatest positive impact on my career?”


Make yourself indispensible - Mark Darlington


Then devise a plan to do just that and execute it.

Share your list and thoughts with your boss, be brave and ask for their feedback.

Make a habit of auctioning all these steps regularly and watch your career and worth rocket.

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