Make Decisions Quickly and Easily

One of the major barriers that can hold people back in life is the inability to make decisions quickly.

People can so easily get stuck when making a decision that it can almost appear better not to make a choice at all, rather than risking making the wrong one.

They don’t even have to be big decisions.

Go into any restaurant on any weekend to see this theory in action.

Watch people deciding what to have to eat.

We will usually narrow it down to a choice of two main courses and then get stuck.

We will even ask the question “What are you having?” as if it makes it easier to decide.

The fear generally comes from choosing one dish and someone else having our other choice and it looking more delicious.

I’m going to show you a way now of making decisions quickly, decisively and easily.

I want you to think of a decision you need to make.

It might be as simple and inconsequential as where you should have lunch today or as important as whether you should stay in your job or who you should marry.

You’re going to make this decision in the next 30 seconds!

For the purposes of this exercise you need to have narrowed the decision down to two choices (McDonalds or the Grosvenor, yes or no, John or David).

Now write them down with the letter “A” next to one and “B” next to the other.

In a moment I’m going to flip a pound coin, if it lands heads you’re going to choose option “A” if it lands tails option “B”.

No really, go with me on this one!

(Before I do the flip, just for fun, which way are you secretly hoping it lands?)

Ok, ready?

Take a deep breath……… and flip (the result of the flip is at the bottom of the article go have a look and come back to this point).

Quick question for you, how do you feel about the result?

Relieved, excited and happy or tense, sick and scared?

If you played along you would have almost certainly felt some kind of emotion.

The emotions you feel just before and after the flip are great guides – your REAL gut feelings if you like.

That feeling is usually the one that’s right for you.

So now, make a list of five decisions that you’ve been putting off making.

Use this instant decision making tool to get in touch with your inner wisdom. Have fun and enjoy the experiment.

PS. The coin landed on HEADS.


Make Decisions Quickly and Easily - Mark Darlington

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