Send Yourself Some Valentine Love

Send Yourself Some Valentine Love

So it’s Valentine’s Day again this Sunday.

For some it will be a wonderfully romantic occasion of trips away, flowers and chocolates.

For others it might not be such a pleasant experience.

This Valentine’s Day though, keep a little bit of that loving for yourself.

I hear so many times from people about how they don’t love themselves or they don’t feel worthy.

The self help section of every bookshop is full of books which address the subject of self love, self esteem, and self worth.

People desperately want to know how they can get back to the way the used to feel about themselves.

Or in some cases learn to love themselves for the very first time.

In truth the concept is not all that complicated, and it revolves around your thinking and your beliefs.

It’s already there

Self worth is not something that needs to be acquired or earned.

We are all born worthy just because we are born.

We are born as a blank canvas, with no hang ups at all.

It’s only later in life that we “learn” to feel a certain way.

The great news is that whatever we can learn, we can unlearn to learn something more useful.

Take baby steps

“Loving yourself” might seem a step too far or a little bit uncomfortable to start with.

The phrase can often be associated with show offs and the kind of people we wouldn’t want to be.

So how about just making friends with yourself to start with?

The decision to accept who you are at the moment, whether you like yourself or not, is a very powerful one.

When we accept that “this is who I am today” we can make rapid progress in building self esteem and confidence.


Send Yourself Some Valentine Love - Mark Darlington


Nothing compares to you

When you’ve accepted yourself, use that as your starting point.

Forget comparing yourself and your life to other people.

Simply decide to compare yourself to who you are today and make a choice to focus on the positive.

Choose what to believe about yourself.

You get to decide the way you think and feel about yourself and what you believe is true about you.

Someone else’s words have no power unless you give their words power.

Remember you are not what someone else says you are, YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE.

Keep experimenting and have a happy weekend.


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