Three Simple Steps to Build Your Self-Esteem

Three Simple Steps to Build Your Self-Esteem

Issues of self esteem and perceptions of self worth have come to the forefront recently, especially with the great work done by Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.

Magazine coverage of weight issues from models and Hollywood stars, deaths of family members or friends, past or current instances of abuse, bullying from others or states such as chronic depression can all cause self esteem to be lowered.

Those whose self-worth has suffered due to past abuse or from PTSD due to accidents upsetting situations have been helped by easy steps to change thought processes.

While we’ve all had moments where we may feel overwhelmed with negative attitudes aimed at ourselves, some people can continue this habit in a more harmful way.

Those who feel less than confident about their own self image may be tempted to compare themselves to what may be considered a social norm or worse; other people around them.

Following these three steps can help form the beginning of a healthier way to view your own potential while raising an injured self-esteem:

Give yourself some credit for a change

Share your successes, no matter how small, with others around you who are your greatest supporters.

Your friends want you to feel wonderful, so help them to help you.

Also, make a list of everything you’ve accomplished and keep it in full view each day.


Three Simple Steps to Build Your Self-Esteem - Mark Darlington


Get active

It’s easy to stay in, shy away from activities and be “safe”.

However this just feeds those feelings of low self esteem.

Join in activities where you can have fun even if it takes you slightly out of your comfort zone.

Each time you get out there and have an experience it builds another block of self esteem and confidence.

Being socially friendly on a consistent level is helpful for your self esteem as it shows you that you can be confident and happy with yourself.

Focus on the positives

If you’re having a bad hair day, or have gained a couple of inches around the waist, it does not reflect on your overall worth as a person.

Know that appearance matters less than character.

Spend time on your hair if need be, work to lose weight if it makes you healthier but know that being a good person will be remembered more than a hair style or a “muffin top”.


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