3 Steps to Study Success

3 Steps to Study Success

Exam fever seems to be building as GCSEs, A Levels and other tests approach.

For some people the coursework part is a breeze whereas when it comes to an exam situation their minds turn to mush as the nerves kick in.

When facing a final exam, it is only natural to be a bit nervous.

A single exam can take hours of study time, and count for the majority of your grade.

Being prepared to get the most success out of your study time will help alleviate some of your stress.

Here are three simple steps you should take for more successful studying.

Plan a Study Schedule

When we study, we remember the first and last ten minutes of information that we have studied the best.

So starting and stopping study sessions often will help you retain more information.

You should study at 50 to 60 minute intervals and take 10 to 30 minute breaks in between, with one 60 minutes break a day.

You will also want to make sure you use breaks between study sessions for physical activity.

Eat and drink healthy amounts of nutritious food and drink during the day and get plenty of sleep at night during the week before your exam.


3 Steps to Study Success - Mark Darlington


Make the Most of Your Notes

Rewrite the notes you took in class.

Rewriting your notes will help you retain what you have learned, better than just reading over them.

Speak them out loud as you rewrite them.

Try making flashcards and 1 to 2 page outlines to study from your notes as well.

Studying your notes in all of these different ways will make use of Visual, Auditory, reading/writing and kinaesthetic learning styles.

Making use of all of the learning styles will also help you retain more of your study material.

Have a Positive Attitude

Confidence is always a key component when it comes to success.

Visualise getting the grade you want as you study.

A positive attitude will help you relax so that you can focus better on your exam.

Don’t let stress about the results of one exam effect your focus on another.

When your first exam is over, forget about it and move onto the next.

Worrying about your score will only hurt your confidence.

With the right combination of proper time management, organisation of notes and a positive outlook you can get more out of studying for your exams and see your grades soar.

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