Become a Master Communicator

Communication is the basis for any human interaction. It could be verbal communication, body language or even a look or a touch. No matter what type of communication we are talking about it always serves the same purpose: to convey an idea, a thought or a feeling. Become a Master Communicator and see how people interact differently with you.

Communication is the basic, most natural ingredient in human interaction and yet a lot of people struggle with it. How often do you find yourself being misunderstood and frustrated? How often does an innocently meant comment turn into a full blown argument?

So what is this elusive key to communication?

What is the one thing that we can do today on our quest for mastering communication? If I had to sum it up in just one word, it would be this; listen.
If you want to be understood you first need to understand. If you want the other person to “get it” you need to develop your listening skills first. In order to be a better communicator you need to first become a better listener.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you master communications:

Listen to the other party all the way through to become a Master Communicator.

We usually think about what we want to say next and we don’t really listen. Learn to listen with intent.

Repeat what the other person has just said to clarify.

Ask if that was what they wanted to say. Make sure you understood them and are not imposing your own ideas on what was just said.

Ask if you feel a piece of information is missing.

Don’t make assumptions; always ask so you will have the full picture.

Become a Master Communicator - Mark Darlington

Acknowledge the other’s feelings.

When the subject of discussion is emotionally loaded, don’t dismiss the expressed feelings as being irrelevant. Tell them you have heard what they are saying and feeling. Don’t judge them; empathize and embrace.

Resist imposing your thoughts, ideas or beliefs. The key to become a Master Communicator.

Offer a different perspective or show a new path, by all means. Be cooperative and supportive and you will have a better chance of avoiding conflict.
It takes a lot of practice mastering the skill of being a good listener so don’t put this off – start today!

At first it might feel like a huge effort but soon enough it will become like a second nature. The rewards of becoming a good listener are enormous and greatly outweigh the efforts.

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