Have a Mind M.O.T.

Taking your car into the garage for a service or M.O.T. is routine but when did you last have yourself “checked out”?

I recently took my car to be serviced.

When I got my car back I could tell instantly that it was running better than ever.

It got me thinking that, arguably, our mind is our greatest machine but how often do we get it “tuned up”?

We can often find ourselves struggling with low mood, a lack of confidence or just a feeling of overwhelm and uncertainness about where our life is going.

Fortunately, there are number of ways to quickly and easily get our minds running better.

Self Service

Sometimes just taking time out for ourselves, for a change, is all that’s needed.

How could you find half a day or maybe just a couple of hours, to spend with yourself?

Take a long walk, go for a drive or even just find a comfy chair and be alone with your thoughts.

Just taking a break from your busy schedule can do you the world of good.

Get a Friend In

Do the above but invite a friend along who you trust and respect.

Agree to spend one hour talking about them and one hour talking about you.

Agree not to give each other “advice” or “opinions” but just ask questions to help understand each other more.

This can have amazing results.


Have a Mind M.O.T. - Mark Darlington


Read a Manual

Grab yourself a book to help you understand the way your mind works.

Two great first books in the “self help” field are Change Your Life in 7 Days and You Can Have What You Want by Paul McKenna and Michael Neill respectively.

I’ve trained personally with both of these as well as read their books and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Employ a Mind Mechanic

You may want to seek help from a professional who can be with you on a one to one basis.

You don’t need anything “wrong” with you to do this.

We all hope our cars sail through an M.O.T.

We just want the peace of mind that everything is running ok.

Imagine how much better life could be if your mind was running like a finely tuned engine.

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