How to Follow Things Through

We’ve all been there haven’t we?

We set out with the greatest intentions to do something that will be of great benefit to us.

It might be that new gym membership, a work project, a college course, quitting smoking or deciding that it’s about time we lost that extra stone we’ve been meaning to.

Then “it” happens, or rather doesn’t.

We do nothing.

Or even if we do something, it lasts a matter of days or less.

Something happens that stops us dead in our tracks.

But what is “it”?

There are so many descriptions of what “it” is, but in simple terms “it” boils down to state of mind.

Most people who struggle to follow things through have an unconscious fear that they may not even be aware of.

The fear of failure.

Ironically it’s this unconscious fear of failure that, well, makes them reluctant to even try and therefore fail.

So let’s look at some key steps that we can take to ensure that you can follow things through and achieve whatever it is that would have the greatest impact on your life now.

So, what one thing, if you could do it now, would have the greatest impact on your life?

Ask “Why is it a must for me?”

When we think we “should” do something or it “might be nice to” do something, you can pretty much be sure that it isn’t going to happen.

We need to change our internal dialogue to “I must”.

When it’s a “must” our state of mind shifts massively into action mode.

So, why is this a must for you?


How to Follow Things Through - Mark Darlington


Do a little each day to gain momentum

Often when we take on something new our initial enthusiasm makes us go for it and “give it 110%”.

We quickly decide that it’s too hard to sustain and generally give up.

Instead decide to do a little each day.

Small amounts that you absolutely know you can consistently achieve.

This gains momentum and belief that you can do what you set out to.

So what small actions steps can you start today?

Make progress fun

As you consistently achieve and start to increase your effort, reward yourself.

You can choose how you do it and what feels right for you.

As you start to enjoy your success, things start to seem effortless.

How would you choose to reward yourself?

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