The Power of Beliefs, Ants and the X-Factor

We all have a set of beliefs for every area of our lives; whether that be money, success, relationships, body image, you name it we have beliefs about it.

We learn our beliefs, either consciously or sub-consciously, as we grow up.

Those beliefs are very powerful and shape the decisions that we make and/or limits that we put on ourselves.

They can be either empowering or destructive depending on what they are and how we respond to them.

You see, the trouble with our beliefs is that we automatically treat them as FACT without thinking about it.

Where in actual fact, beliefs are only our opinion and perspective on things.

For a great example of this in action just watch the X-Factor, back on our screens last weekend.

You can see the genuine shock and bewilderment of the contestants that have just delivered a performance that has us reaching for our earplugs as they are dismissed from the stage.

They treat their belief that they are talented singers as fact and immediately become defensive when offered another opinion, often blaming the microphones or judges.

Compare that to those who are truly talented, extremely nervous and amazed when praised and sent through to the next round.

That’s the thing with beliefs; we usually get super defensive if someone (even our self) questions our beliefs.

Why is that?

Because we assume our beliefs are “beyond question”.

So they remain unquestioned and continue to hold us back.


The Power of Beliefs, Ants and the X-Factor - Mark Darlington


Dealing with unhelpful beliefs

Replacing those old beliefs with positive new ones means dealing with the ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that are attached to the old beliefs.

If you have limiting beliefs those ANTs will constantly reinforce them.

“I can’t do this” or “I don’t deserve that”.

The only way to get rid of ANTs is to question the old beliefs and create new positive ones to replace them.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t fully believe these new positive beliefs at first.

Yes, read that sentence again! Your mind is a creature of habit.

The more often you consciously focus on your new positive beliefs the faster they will be accepted by your sub-conscious mind.

Pick a belief now; question it, break it and replace it with something more beneficial.

Have fun clearing out your ANTs!

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