Hypnosis Fact or Fiction

When I’m out and about and meet new people, the inevitable question comes up of “What do you do for a living?”

When I tell them that I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist I get a range of reactions.

I feel lucky that people seem genuinely interested and ask more questions.

I also get the jokes about “Don’t look into his eyes!” and “You’re not going to make me dance like a chicken are you?”

They make me smile but remind me that most peoples’ perceptions come from watching stage hypnosis or TV shows.

People can be apprehensive about hypnosis after seeing TV hypnosis shows and comment that they wouldn’t like to be under anyone else’s control and are worried what they might say whilst “under”.

A lot of people ask me a lot of questions and so I thought that I would dispel some myths over the next couple of weeks for you by answering some questions that I’m often asked.


Hypnosis Fact or Fiction - Mark Darlington


So what is hypnosis?

Great question!

Let me tell you what it isn’t first.

It’s not a state of deep sleep.

It is a very relaxed state of mind but your awareness is actually enhanced while you relax because you’re focussed on one thing.

The conscious part of your mind is allowed to wander off and take a break while your unconscious (or subconscious) mind takes over.

Am I under your control?

Absolutely not.

You are fully in control at all times and could get up and walk out if you wanted to.

A hypnotist cannot make you do anything that you don’t want to do, the mere suggestion of that would be enough to disturb you from your relaxation.

Is it dangerous?

No, hypnosis is a safe and natural state and one most of us experience many times a week without knowing it.

For example, if you drive a familiar route you can often get to your destination and not remember parts of the journey.

Your conscious mind has wandered off onto other things and you drive in a “trance like” state.

Or you may be surfing the net or playing a video game and suddenly 3 hours has passed, again you have “zoned out”.

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