Six Steps to Resolution Success

Six Steps to Resolution Success

Have you made any New Year resolutions?

Over 70% of the population do.

However by February half of these resolutions will have been broken, leaving people feeling defeated and knocking their self esteem.

If this sounds like you don’t worry…… it’s not actually your fault!

How would you like this year to be the year you actually stick to your New Year’s Resolutions and finally achieve something special?

Follow this simple six step plan and you’ll become an unstoppable resolution machine.

Choose specific and achievable goals with a time limit.

Most people break their resolutions because they were too vague in the first place;

I want to lose some weight,

I want to be a better person or

I’m going to save money for a holiday.

The more specific you can be the easier it is to motivate yourself as you move towards your goal.

Also, research shows that those people who write down their resolutions are up to ten times more likely to stick to them.

Take a moment to imagine how your life would be on the day you achieve it.

Close your eyes and visualise yourself having stuck to your resolution and seeing the results.

If it doesn’t feel great and make you smile are you sure you actually want it?

You may need to go back and adjust your resolution.


Six Steps to Resolution Success - Mark Darlington


Slice the goal into manageable chunks.

If losing a stone seems daunting try 2 pounds a week for 7 weeks.

Or if you want a £500 holiday, simply put £10 a week away from your wages.

It’s much easier to hit lots of smaller goals than one big overwhelming one.

Share your goals with other people who will support you.

Having a team around you who will encourage and help you goes a long way to your success.

Take action towards your goal every day.

No matter how small the action, repeatedly taking action will make it a positive habit in 3 to 4 weeks.

Think like a ladder.

Many small steps will take you to the top.

If you have a bad day, that’s perfectly ok.

If you stumble and have a blip, it’s fine.

Dust yourself off and refocus the next day.

Enjoy experimenting with this six step plan and have a wonderful year.


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