On Reflection, Life Starts Now

On Reflection, Life Starts Now

As we approach Christmas and the New Year, a lot of people reflect on how the year was for them.

Some even take it further.

If there’s a milestone birthday coming up people often reflect on how life has been so far.

How are things for you?

Do you look back with pride and happiness or do you wish things were different?

One of the most severely limiting beliefs is that who we were yesterday determines who we have to be tomorrow.

If we weren’t successful before then we certainly couldn’t be successful in the future.

This belief keeps us tied to our past mistakes, shortcomings and habits.

Once you stop, really think and realise how self-defeating this belief is, you can immediately make a huge shift towards future success.

Every single one of us has the capacity, power, opportunity and potential to wipe the slate clean immediately, in this moment – NOW!

Do it right now.

Make a decision, from this exact moment, to let go of the past and focus solely on the future.

Letting go of the past and any past mistakes or disappointments is hugely liberating and will feel like a massive weight has been lifted.

It’s like having a major spring clean in your mind, albeit at Christmas!

As you enter the New Year, do it feeling lighter this year free from limiting beliefs.

Remember these 3 simple steps for a great year.

Free Yourself from Old Stories

Get rid of the stories that tell you what you can and can’t do.

You’ve already changed so much since you first believed them.

You’re in control of your life now, how would you like your future story to be?

Anticipate Next Year

What would excite you most if were to happen to you next year, I mean really excite you?

You can either just wait for it to happen (and wait and wait) or go out and make it happen.

Make a plan and take action now.


On Reflection, Life Starts Now - Mark Darlington


Make Powerful Decisions

We make decisions all day every day without even thinking about it.

Take some time out today to notice some of those decisions that seem to be made for us.

Take back control of your life and make powerful decisions for you.


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