Say No, Without Feeling Guilty

Say No, Without Feeling Guilty

Why is that when we say no to people we feel guilty?

Even in situations where we are not obligated to say yes every time, we may still find it difficult to say no.

As children we are taught to say yes when we are asked to do something even if we don’t want to.

And so for many people it has become second nature to say yes to any request before even thinking about it.

But in some cases, saying yes can put a burden on us that we are unable to handle.

This can leave us feeling overworked and unappreciated, or even used by our friends and family members.

Breaking free from the way we were raised and understanding that we can say no when we need to can be difficult.

We’ve spent most of our young lives doing things we don’t want to.

But as adults we need to be aware of a few legitimate rights that can help us say no without feeling guilty.


Say No, Without Feeling Guilty - Mark Darlington


You Have the Right to Say No

There is more to life than making other people happy.

Sometimes you have to make yourself happy too.

If the person asking you for a favour truly cares about you, they will understand if you need to refuse one of their requests every once in awhile.

There is no need to explain yourself.

You Have the Right to Change Your Mind

Saying yes to something does not mean that you have taken an oath that is set in stone.

If you discover that trying to fulfil a promise you have made will be too difficult or will hinder another obligation, it is in your best interest to tell the person you have promised that you are unable to do it after all as soon as you can.

You Have the Right to Put Your Own Needs First

Sometimes it can become difficult to get your own needs met.

If you feel like you are always doing things for other people and you never have time for yourself, it could be true.

It’s OK to stay home and relax after a long day instead of running another errand.

Taking care of yourself will make you a happier person which will help with your relationships with others.

So next time you feel like saying no, say it!

It just might do you some good.

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