Break Through Your Fears

Break Through Your Fears

In last week’s article I talked about the need to be brave to make this your best year ever.

I asked the question “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Most of the time it’s fear that keeps us from being or doing what we want in life, that invisible elastic that holds us back.

If only we could break through these fears, wouldn’t life be so much easier?

How about starting today?

Running away from our fears only makes them grow bigger and stronger.

As if each time we run away from a fear, like avoiding certain situations, on some strange level we are justifying it by acknowledging that we are still safe.

Safe maybe, but still with fear holding us back.

The only way to break through and beat fear is by facing it.

Before you do that though, it’s important to recognise what type of fear it is, because fear is not always a bad thing.

Real Fear is there to protect us

If one of your fears is running out in front of oncoming traffic in case you get run over, or not walking too close to the cliff edge in case you fall off – good!

We all need an element of fear when the thing we are fearful of can cause us real harm.

Imagined Fears are the ones that are damaging

When our fears are solely in our heads that’s when they become unreasonable and paralysing.

These fears are not healthy for us and need closer examination.

Most imagined fears are what I call “outcome based” and rely on the phrase “what if?” to stay alive.

They usually revolve around imagining how things might turn out, if they went very wrong.

These types of fears may involve meeting new people at a party, speaking in public or taking a test of some sort.

Be brave in small ways

Each time you allow yourself to move out of your comfort zone and confront a fear, not only do you beat that fear – you also grow in confidence and your other fears start to shrink too.

What small thing can you do today to beat one of your fears?

Notice how good it feels and use that confidence to beat another one.

In no time at all you’ll be a fear crushing expert!

Break Through Your Fears - Mark Darlington

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